Leslie Pratt-Thomas


Portrait Inquiry Information

The commission of a portrait is a collaboration between the client and the artist. When the commissioning of a portrait is first discussed, several things need to be determined. Does the client want a formal or informal setting, dressy or casual clothing, and an interior or exterior placement of the figure? Once these factors are decided, Leslie will schedule a time to meet with the client. If the sitter is an adult, Leslie prefers to have a short time to work from life, and with both children and adults, she may take many digital photographs. Sometimes she works with a professional photographer. The photography fee is included in the price quote. Sometimes a client has an image from which he or she would like the artist to paint. This generally suits, but permission from the photographer is necessary. Leslie may make some suggestions for the painting which will be different than the photograph, like changes in placement of the figure, or rearranging background. Suggestions are based on what she believes will make the painting a better work of art.

Next, Leslie and the client will choose the portion of the sitter to be painted. Sometimes a client prefers a head and shoulders view of the sitter and sometimes the whole figure. Price varies accordingly. When client and artist have made a decision for the look of the portrait, Leslie puts in writing just what has been agreed upon, and artist and client both sign the contract. One half the portrait commission is due before the artist begins to paint. The other half and 71/2 % sales tax is due upon completion. If the client wishes Leslie to make any changes to the painting upon completion, to improve likeness, she is happy to do so. Her goal is to complete a painting a client loves.

Fees start at approximately $3000 for a simple head and shoulders portrait. A second figure doubles the portrait cost. There is an additional charge for complicated clothing or background.